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ESC East Title I Coordinators

Betsy Castillo-Cifuentes

(323) 224-3157


Reyna Corral

(323) 224-3124


FAX: (323) 222-5702


President Lyndon B. Johnson at the ESEA signing ceremony in 1965 with his childhood schoolteacher, Ms. Kate Deadrich Loney.


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Title I

Welcome Message

Welcome to the ESC East Title I Homepage! 


"Title I is designed to help students served by the program to achieve proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards. Title I schools with percentages of students from low-income families of at least 40 percent may use Title I funds, along with other Federal, State, and local funds, to operate a 'school-wide program' to upgrade the instructional program for the whole school."    

                                                           - U.S. Department of Education

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Mission Statement

Supporting 21st Century learners through leadership and service


Important Dates

08/07/14: "Skipped Schools" 14-16 SPSA Training 


08/11/14: Pupil Free Day


08/12/14: First Day of Instruction


08/28/14: New Title I Program Designee PD

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Title I Locker
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