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ESC East EL Instruction Coordinator

Angie Woo, K-12 EL Instructional Coordinator: Served in LAUSD as an elementary teacher, Categorical Programs Advisor, ELD & Access to Core Expert in Local District 3 & 5, and most recently EL Expert at Multilingual & Multicultural Education Department. 

English Language Development

LAUSD Elementary ELD Teacher EDMODO SITE:
—Go to your Edmodo home page: 
—Create an account and sign in
—Locate the box on the left-hand side titled 'Groups' 
Click on the + in that box
—Click on 'Join'
—Enter code: rsf4up

Academic Language Development Resources

Mainstream English Language Development-MELD

What does ED CODE say in regards to ELD Instruction?


52132(b) "Impacted language program" is a program of self-contained classroom instruction for pupils from impacted language groups which at a minimum, consists of one hour per instructional day of English language development in addition to basic skills and subject content instruction which involves bilingual-crosscultural teacher aides or impacted language liaisons and which utilizes a modified curriculum which is capable of meeting the language and instructional needs of these pupils. To the extent feasible, appropriate primary language instruction shall be designed to facilitate basic skills and subject content instruction by a language development specialist.

52163  Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions set forth in this section shall govern the construction of this article. (a) "Basic bilingual education" is a system of instruction that builds upon the language skills of the pupil and that consists of, but is not limited to, all of the following: (1) A structured English language development component with daily instruction leading to the acquisition of English language proficiency, including English reading and writing skills.

VIDEO: Classroom Example of Teaching Complex Text: Butterfly

WestEd ELD Webinar